SolidWorks 2012 serial no download

SolidWorks 2012 serial no download


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Very few different mechanical design programs are used by larger companies. If you can design with SolidWorks you can become a successful mechanical engineer. If you want to design sophisticated parts then SolidWorks is likely the right choice. The program has a large design toolset and many add-in tools that can help you create even the most complicated mechanical designs.

In SOLIDWORKS 3D there is no global coordinate system or environment. You can choose which coordinate system you wish to use when creating entities. In some cases you may find it more convenient to work in a single world coordinate system. You can also place entities in a virtual model window and/or view these entities in the browser. Creating a layout and viewing the entities in the browser provides significant benefits over using the format keys.

(Advanced users only.) SOLIDWORKS parts are not just objects: they can include functional features and you can create assemblies that contain those features. When you import a part into an assembly the imported component’s features are made available to the assembly. You can create functional features and remove a feature when it is no longer needed. You can also combine multiple parts or components to create a single part by creating a compound object. You can then use SOLIDWORKS to manipulate the new part.

Other Entities

You have different types of entities that can be created in SOLIDWORKS. The entities are broken up into the following categories.

SolidWorks also has features such as extruded parts, cutouts, and profiles.

Wet Edge Editing (WEE)
Features can have edge features added to them to create special or complex shapes. This option is enabled automatically when you convert a SolidWorks file into a Part-Draft Assembly document. You can create multiple edge features in a part. Some of the edge features can have their own unique attributes.

SolidWorks has many tools to provide access to the edges of a part. Some of the tools include the following.

Design collaboration
The SOLIDWORKS productivity suite includes free online file sharing with other SOLIDWORKS users.
This free capability is enhanced by SOLIDWORKS Connect, which is a web-based, collaborative development platform that enables users to work on the same project from different locations. The applications are installed and integrated through the SOLIDWORKS customer portal.

OEM and part number publishing
Creation of SolidWorks assemblies
Viewing and editing SolidWorks assemblies

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